The Original Canadian Sunstone Welders Distributor

"When I started forEVER, I had a vision: to bring something to the permanent jewelry world that had not yet existed."

-Marci Matejcek, Founder - forEVER Permanent Jewelry 

In 2022, as the permanent jewelry trend was on the rise in the US, Canada had very few options for jewelry suppliers, and no distribution centre for Sunstone permanent jewelry welders & tools. There were also no dedicated permanent jewelry suppliers or trainers in Canada. The only option was to purchase from the US and pay unexpected fees at the border. We saw the need for a Canadian distributor, and we answered that need.

We are proud to not only be the first permanent jewelry trainer & supplier in Canada, but also the first to introduce Sunstone Welders tools and equipment to new & established permanent jewelry artists in across Canada, saving them hundreds on shipping, customs & duties. 

We now supply the US and International customers with our forEVER Permanent Jewelry brand professional jewelry supplies, tools, and other business-enhancing materials and education