Collection: Starter Kits & Product Bundles

Whether you're just getting started or already in the business, we have multiple options for Starter Kits and have conveniently bundled the most popular supplies so you can stock up and save on your bottom line.  

If you're just starting out, we understand it can feel intimidating! Most people who are starting out have no idea what to get and end up purchasing more inventory than is needed, costing them too much and ending up in inventory that doesn't move. That is why we have taken away the guesswork & developed a starter kit with everything you need to be successful, AND make a healthy profit before ever having to order more supplies. 

PLUS - to ensure you're on the path to success, we also include our free training manual and optional live training. And as a partner of Affirm, we also offer flexible payment plans so you can get started today and spread your payments out over time.