Training & Consulting

Are you looking for help building your business? Whether you're an existing permanent jewelry professional, just looking to get started, or ready to expand into a new market, it can be very difficult to know exactly where to start.

If you're looking for the basics on getting started in permanent jewelry, check out our Simple Guide to Getting Started in Permanent Jewelry. 

We know there isn't a 'one size fits all' solution, which is why we have several programs and options available so we can work with you where you're at. Our business consulting services can be ongoing, occasional or one-off sessions. There are no commitments or contracts involved, so you can have peace of mind and utilize help as much or as little as you need it, until you gain the confidence to reach your goals on your own and no longer need help. Book your appointment here.

We also offer a comprehensive self-led course with over 120 modules for online entrepreneurs. This course features a step-by-step system of training videos you can do at your own pace that will teach you how to set up a landing page, funnels, marketing, social media, SEO and more. It provides you with all the resources needed to get started and build while you learn, using a free platform to host your website. You will also learn how to set up payments & payment plans so you can start launching your products and making money right away! Click here for more information. 



Available now! Private 1:1 business consulting with Marci.

About our CEO & Trainer, Marci 

As a crazy busy mom of 4 with a 15 year gap between her oldest and youngest, Marci identifies as a highly devoted, highly motivated, hot mess of a woman, who loves living the good life and splurging on the occasional luxury.

After baby #4, Marci was ready to focus on her families growing needs and be available more for her children, but realized how necessary it is in this crazy economy to have multiple revenue streams. Wanting to set herself and her children up for success, she most recently has started her newest business in the luxury jewelry industry.

Marci is no stranger to business. She has built several businesses from the ground up, in various industries, starting with the beauty industry. She is also a seasoned mompreneur - starting her hugely successful second business up at 9 months pregnant with her third child.

Originally trained as an esthetician in 2005, Marci knows how to spot upcoming trends and jump on them before they become mainstream, adding her own personal touches and differentiating herself to further her success.

She was nominated for both the New Business of the Year and Young Entrepreneur Awards through the Chamber of Commerce in 2017 for her unique and innovative beauty lounge.

Marci is no stranger to education - she has 3 college diplomas in completely different fields, and has invested over 500 hours of continuing education over the past decade locally, regionally and internationally. She believes that an investment in yourself is an investment in your future!